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    Technology Education

    Helping your teams adapt to new technologies and lean workflows

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  • panel - tools and metrics

    Digital Tools and Metrics

    Simplifying your digital workflow, and making sense of KPIs

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    Design and User Experience

    Improving your visitors' online experience

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What we do

We move your business forward by improving your digital workflows; coaching production teams; introducing leaner technology into your daily operations; providing meaningful metrics and KPIs; helping compete better, and anticipate industry changes.


Our digital expertise is at your service. We advise your strategy, implementation, resources, timing.

analysis and design

We identify opportunities, and help you design a stronger online presence for your business


We provide proper development, testing and (re)launch of your digital brand or product


We support your brand post-launch, monitor activity and assist your team with content and audience manageme

Latest Posts

On Scooter, Bill and presidential debates

As I sit beside my husband horrified by the current debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump another debate date comes to my mind. One where there was a bit more respect given to the history and the process of electing a president of United States. But this story is not quite about the debates.

Sep 26, 2016 Admin

Thanks for five incredible years with awesome teams

When I first visited 111 Queen St East headquarters, more than five years ago, for an initial interview, the thing that immediately impressed me was this great open space in the middle of the office, connecting two floors, with sunroof. Through the glass walls on the side you could see people pacing about, some typical

Jul 28, 2016 Admin

One on One with Paul McCartney – July 21, 2016

I’m going to geek out a little and ramble, so please bear with me (above photo – promo image from Paul McCartney’s current tour).   Today is an important day – my son (12) and I are going to see Paul McCartney live in concert. He doesn’t know yet, but I think he’ll flip out

Jul 21, 2016 Admin
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