On Scooter, Bill and presidential debates   Recently updated !

As I sit beside my husband horrified by the current debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump another debate date comes to my mind. One where there was a bit more respect given to the history and the process of electing a president of United States. But this story is […]

Scooter in the playroom


Thanks for five incredible years with awesome teams

When I first visited 111 Queen St East headquarters, more than five years ago, for an initial interview, the thing that immediately impressed me was this great open space in the middle of the office, connecting two floors, with sunroof. Through the glass walls on the side you could see […]

One on One with Paul McCartney – July 21, 2016 2

I’m going to geek out a little and ramble, so please bear with me.   Today is an important day – my son (12) and I are going to see Paul McCartney live in concert. He doesn’t know yet, but I think he’ll flip out when he finds out. I […]

Driving Rain tour in 2002

Picture 015

Our cat Dusty, the story of a warrior 1

Yesterday (on Father’s day, no less), I spent early morning digging up a tiny little grave in our suburban garden for a tiny family member who just passed away in his sleep – Dusty the cat. Some Sunday morning – hard to beat that memory! But let me rewind a […]

Movember 2013 – I’m only going to ask you twice

So here we are. November 4th, after 10pm, Monday night. Too late to plan a marketing strategy, too late to recruit team members. I remember just yesterday it was April and I made a mental note that right after the next long weekend I’ll start asking people whether they want […]



Happy Father’s Day – to most of you

I’ve been getting many Father’s Day reminders this year – from DIY stores, BBQ sellers, car repair shops, even from flower shops. I’m beginning to think that the Western Dad is feeling neglected, maybe even unimportant. So let me just take a minute and wish all you a happy and […]


Stephen Colbert’s Fake Twitter Hack

Late last night, as I was checking my twitter feed (hopefully for the last time before going to bed), I noticed a rather unusual tweet from @stephenathome, Stephen Colbert’s twitter account. It looked like the account was hacked, similar to incidents earlier in the week (with Burger King, Jeep, MTV […]

Some premature thoughts on Twitter’s Vine

A few days ago Twitter has unveiled Vine (based on previously purchased startup), a cool new iOS app that allows people to share short video clips – up to six seconds long. I wanted to check it out on day 1, but something got in the way, I forgot, but […]



So I got an electric car, part 2 – the harsh reality

Hi again. You did read the first part before getting here, right? About me getting a fully-electric vehicle, so I can feel all ethical and moral about the environment? Well, here comes the most surprising discovery – which didn’t hit me until I was behind the wheel for a few […]