This is how you build customer loyalty, part 1

I got an in interesting phone call earlier this week. It was from one of the non-profits where I started donating just last year. I picked up the call, fully expecting to hear a pitch, or an invite to donate again, or some other promotion of an event, or subscription – any number of things you typically would expect to hear from a telemarketer. But that’s not what happened.

Instead, the conversation was less than twenty seconds long. The person on the phone introduced herself, identified the non-profit company, identified my support amount from last year, and thanked me for supporting their organization. That was it. No more script, no upselling or cross-selling of anything else from the company. She acknowledged my contribution, thanked me and hung up. A telemarketer hung up on me.

I was pleasantly surprised by this approach. My past experiences – even with telemarketers I do expect to call – are usually a lot worse. Almost always, there’s a script with upselling or subscriptions. Almost always, there’s an expectation that I owe something, or am obliged to respond/sign up/shell out. This was a complete flip on the formula. And it worked.

How do I know it worked? Because that phone call was about me and not the company. Because it made me feel special and seen. Because it layered zero expectations on my shoulders, and didn’t manipulate or guilt me into opening my wallet right on the spot. Because it took the time to acknowledge and step back. Let me do the rest. Yes, I’ll definitely donate to them again, and I’ll encourage some of my clients and partners to adopt a less aggressive telemarketing stance with their customers. Sometimes, when you’re really good at something, all you have to do is to remind people about yourself – and they’ll connect the dots.

When everyone else is competing for donations, maybe the message that stands out – is the one that doesn’t ask outright, but merely acknowledges your previous efforts, reminds you of an existing relationship, instead of putting more strain on it, and risking losing it.

Thank you for not following the all-to-familiar script. Speaking of which – I just want to remind you all that I’m still taking on new clients, still confidently consulting on ad operations, digital production, web development, SEO, and many-many other web things. Maybe you have questions? Maybe you could use an extra pair of eyes on your web team/product?

If so – you know how to contact me. Happy to help. No monthly subscription necessary.

Have a lovely day, and good night. Click.