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Fix those broken URL links

If your site’s content has a lot of external links, you depend on them for back-linkage and your online reach. It’s no longer a secret that your site’s popularity is determined largely (besides the quality of content) by the incoming and outgoing links, so you better take care of them. Sure, you can rely on internal server logs, 404 errors and Google Analytics to find out when your users hit broken links, but the problem with these tools is that they are merely reporting. You can be more proactive.

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Caching external content for site performance

I recently had to re-install some twitter/tumblr syndication modules on a few small sites. Reason: sudden performance issues. The sites were medium-sized, and depended heavily on externally syndicated content. You’ve seen these busy sidebars before: a few recent twitter posts, a few more tumblr pics, another FeedBurner, maybe a dozen of Disqus/Echo comments, Amazon widget. This is all good, and wonderful, to spread your content/community around on multiple platforms, and syndicate them on your site. But keep in mind that all these services – while practical and very responsive – are relatively new technologies. Young start-up companies.

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