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Trickle-down economics of new Charlie Sheen

Do you remember where you were on that fateful Saturday night, March 5th, 2011, at 10PM Eastern, 7pm Pacific? I remember – I just brought in a take out order of dry wings, calamari rings and was getting ice-cold beer from the fridge. The house was quiet, and my wife and I got comfortable in front of … the computer monitor and tuned in to … Charlie Sheen’s streamcast. We knew history was in the making.

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Fix those broken URL links

If your site’s content has a lot of external links, you depend on them for back-linkage and your online reach. It’s no longer a secret that your site’s popularity is determined largely (besides the quality of content) by the incoming and outgoing links, so you better take care of them. Sure, you can rely on internal server logs, 404 errors and Google Analytics to find out when your users hit broken links, but the problem with these tools is that they are merely reporting. You can be more proactive.

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Random thoughts on Canadian magazines

Magazines Canada has just finished an exciting week of MagNet. A four-day long marathon of seminars, galas, sold-out speaking engagements, endless networking, culminating, of course, with National Magazine Awards ceremony. While I couldn’t attend the awards (this thing runs late into the night – honestly), I followed the shenanigans vicariously, via twitter updates (and here), or website postings – in real-time (typically done by the winning teams)

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Social sharing all-in-one tools

Social sharing has come a long way in so little time. Just a couple of years ago the concept of ‘viral’ or ‘widgets’ didn’t exist, and webmasters/publishers were happy just cross-linking to each other’s content, getting ‘contras’, asking to be listed in a directory, etc. But ever since the first ‘Digg’ icon showed up (or ‘tell a friend’, I forget what started it), the idea of letting people share and bookmark their favourite web destinations has grown into a separate web industry. Hundreds of widgets, thousands of chiclets (those little icons you see everywhere), and we’re all sharing, passing on, pushing the content further.

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